Бескислотный праймер Mystique™
Acid-Free Bonder
Бескислотный дегидратор Mystique™
Acid-Free Dehydrator

Mystique® Online Store Primers and Degreasers

Mystique® Online Store offers high-quality nail-plate processing tools, as well as accessories and consumables. We highly-value all our customers, whether it be a professional manicurist and pedicurist or simply a talented self-taught master.

Our official website gives you the option to order our very own privately-produced gel-polish primers. All our products are certified and safe, and comply with simple operating rules. We sell nail degreasers, as well as other products for the nail industry at affordable prices. You can buy either wholesale or retail. Simply choose the right products for your salon or home use, drop them in the shopping cart and look for your best shipping and payment methods.

Mystique® accepts orders both across Russia and abroad. Find out which of the brand's offices will be most convenient for you to pick up your shipment. Our partners in Poland, Belarus and Kazakhstan will help you get your parcel safe and sound without delay. Call us on +7 (930) 670-33-83, and our managers will promptly consult you on all questions.

Mystique® Custom Primers and Degreasers

Mystique® Online Store is offering acid-free primers that go perfectly well with the acril gel from the brand's lines. This innovative product as well as base coats manufactured using European raw materials will be an indispensable product in the master's work, allowing to hone manicure and pedicure skills to perfection.

Our plethora of positive reviews on our primers and degreasers speak for themselves. They:

  • do not irritate the skin and cuticles;
  • do not require special skills for application;
  • guard against nail yellowing and flaking with prolonged wear of the gel polish;
  • do no require special lamps.

Order our Mystique® primers and degreasers with delivery, and your manicure business will bring you both pleasure and income!

Primers and Degreasers: Advantages

The Mystique® degreaser allows:

  • Proper cleaning of the nail plate.
  • Preparation of the nail surface for processing.
  • Preservation of the nail structure.

When using our acid-free primer you:

  • Apply it with ease and comfort.
  • Wear your gel polish for longer.
  • Save money due to the large volume of the bottle.

Contact our representative to place your order or get information about our new products and hot sales!