Сменный абразив для пилки (240/180 грит)
Набор: Металлическая основа пилки для ногтей + 5шт. сменных файлов (240/180 грит)
535 510
Металлическая основа пилки для ногтей 180 * 21 мм
Основа пластиковая для педикюра
Сменный абразив для педикюрной основы
Профессиональный баф для ногтей
Профессиональная моющаяся пилка для ногтей

Mystique Nail Files®

Mystique® Online Store is inviting both nail industry professionals and DIY enthusiasts for bargain shopping. Our stores offers a wide range of gel polishes, gel system, nail design and extension products, as well as accessories and work clothes. Mystique® nail files are among the most popular consumables, as they help maintain the necessary hygiene required for manicure and pedicure. They are suitable for use both at the salon and at home.

Mystique®'s focus on private production and fair pricing has allowed its brand to stand out from the others. Our highly-qualified managers will help you place your order and advise you in detail on the nuances of using our products. Be the first to find out about our promotions, bonuses and sales!

Buying our Mystique® nail files has been made easy. Simply drop your desired product into the shopping cart and select how many units you want (you can choose to buy wholesale or retail). Choose a convenient method of payment and delivery. If you are ordering outside of Russia, simply call the hotline +7 (930) 670-33-83 toll free.

Our partners in Kazakhstan, Poland and Belarus deliver Mystique® products right to our final customers in one piece. Find out about your nearest delivery point and our delivery methods from our consultants.

Mystique® nail files to order

Mystique® nail files are an indispensable tool for both professionals and amateurs. Both the master and the client find using removable abrasives to be practical, hygienic and comfortable especially with ours top coat. It is no coincidence that the accessory has received many positive reviews on the Internet.

Order Mystique® nail files directly from our warehouse: we offer unmatched quality at reasonable prices. Respect for the client begins with excellent products! Services that you like are a direct way to expand your customer base. Mystique® will help to gain your confidence in manicure and pedicure.

Features of Mystique® nail files

Mystique® abrasive nail files are only used by one client. Replaceable plates allow high-quality treatment of the foot and the nail plate, and the wide range of hardness – to find the golden mean. What else are they good for?

  • Foot and nail treatment is faster and more effective.
  • The ergonomic shape protects the master's hand from easily getting tired.
  • File alternation is the key to achieving perfect smoothness.

Mystique® nail files are available on our official website, and users can order any quantity. Be able to pinch your pennies and not compromise on the quality of your materials at the same time; with us, you will always find the perfect balance.