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Glitter Gel available on the Mystique Online Store ®

The Mystique Online Store ® sells innovative manicure and pedicure tools at affordable prices. We offer a wide range of products available for both private masters and beauty studio employees.

On the official website, you can order Mystique glitter-gels® that are prepared using high-quality European raw materials. Our many varied customers testify to our high level of quality and service. We ensure that all our products are safe for the health of the women workers and customers using them. All they need to do is observe simple rules of handling and operation.

We sell both wholesale and retail our gel polish and acril gel to all corners of Russia and beyond. Our competent managers are ready to help you choose your best suiting glitters. Alternatively, you can simply drop your selected items into the cart yourself and select your most suitable payment and delivery methods.

Mystique® accepts orders from our reliable partners in Poland, Belarus and Kazakhstan, who help deliver our shipments safe and sound to our customers. Call us on +7 (930) 670-33-83 for a pre-consultation.

Mystique Glitters® To Order

The Mystique Online Store® offers high-quality glitters that perfectly blend with glitter gel or gel system and base coats of the brand. Available to you are new designs with liquid sparkles – try one of the most sought-after products in the nail industry.

Mystique glitters® guarantee:

  • A resonant palette.
  • A trim coating.
  • A magical shine.
  • Comfort in application.
  • Savings in work.

The many positive reviews on Mystique glitters® and our accessories have led to the products increasingly gaining popularity among other make-up products. Order them with delivery today, and transform your manicure forever!

Glitter Gel: Benefits

Mystique glitters® make the following possible:

  • Professional and home nail experiments.
  • Various textures (glitter, sparkles, powder).
  • Long-lasting wear.

When using the product, you:

  • Can easily handle and work with the brush.
  • Can choose your most suitable glitter form and size.
  • Learn to combine colours and textures.

Contact our representative to purchase your glitters from Mystique®: Starlight, Grazy Glitter and many more.