Однофазный файбер гель, с добавлением стекловолокна «Clear»
UV/LED Mystique™
Моделирующий гель-желе «Drop»
UV/LED Mystique™
Классический моделирующий гель «Gummy»
UV/LED Mystique™
Классический моделирующий гель «Serenity»
UV/LED Mystique™
Классический моделирующий гель «Blanche»
UV/LED Mystique™
Моделирующий гель-крем «Soft»
UV/LED Mystique™

Nail-extension gel available at the Mystique ®online store

The Mystique® online store offers unique privately-produced products for sale. We welcome orders from both independent masters and beauty salons. One of the most popular products on our official website is the nail-extension gel, suitable for both home and professional use. You can also order uniforms and consumables, design materials and gel polishes directly from the manufacturer.

The Mystique® nail-extension gel as a decorate gel is made using European technology from high quality raw materials. Just by following the simplest safety rules, it is absolutely harmless and easy to use. You can buy the product wholesale or retail. To do this, simply enter the quantity you want and send the goods to the online shopping cart. We will then offer you the best payment and delivery methods.

The nail-extension gel, gel polish or painting gel can be ordered not only in any part of Russia, but also abroad. Our partners in Belarus, Poland and Kazakhstan make this possible. The geography of Mystique® is actually becoming wider every year. Find out how you can have your order delivered wherever you are by calling +7 (930) 670-33-83.

Mystique® Nail Builder Gel to order

The Mystique® online store offers the nail-builder gel and top coat of the brand at the best prices. By using these products, nail modelling and nail care will become even easier and much more enjoyable. Improve your skills in the nail business by working with our materials with pleasure!

The Mystique® nail-extension gel has already received numerous positive reviews that are fully justified. The part of the gel includes:

  • Easy application and distribution.
  • Dense texture.
  • Fast polymerization.
  • Economical consumption.
  • Natural appearance.

Order your Mystique® nail-extension gel with delivery and improve your nail modelling skills according to color card!

Nail-sculpturing gel benefits

The Mystique® nail-extension gel allows you to:

  • Strengthen natural nails.
  • Give the desired shape.
  • Control the speed of build-up.

Our products allow masters to:

  • Simplify filing.
  • Choose the right tone.
  • Create the necessary aesthetics for manicure.

Try what it's like to use the nail-extension gel manufactured using advanced technologies. Feel the difference with Mystique® products — contact our consultant to place your first order.