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Gel polish available at the Mystique ®online store

The Mystique ®online store is inviting both independent masters and representatives of beauty centres and nail studios for shopping. Our assortment includes a wide palette of gel polishes that we produce ourselves, as well as related materials. Professional tools suitable for home and salon use.

Mystique® gel polish is produced using mainly European raw materials under the strict supervision of qualified technologists. Modern equipment allows us to obtain a high-quality product that is safe and easy to use.

We offer gel polish at affordable prices, and you can purchase them as singular units or whole batches. You can do this online by dropping your selected product in the shopping cart on our website. We offer you the most convenient payment and shipment methods.

The Mystique® online store sells products for nail specialists both in Russia and in other countries. Partners in Kazakhstan, Poland and Belarus carry out the delivery and drop-out of orders. Call us at 8 +7 (930) 670-33-83 to find out how it works.

Mystique Gel Polish® to order

The Mystique® online store is offering Mystique® painting gel and other products of the brand that are indispensable in the work of a nail service master. Don't miss out the chance to advance your career in the nail business, hone professional skills with high-quality gel polishes and increase your income!

Mystique® has already received many positive reviews from content customers on the Internet. Our customers have been able to clearly verify that our products:

  • are easy to apply and spread;
  • give a resistant and durable coating;
  • dry quickly in UV/LED lamps;
  • are cost-effective;
  • give manicures bright and saturated colours.

Order Mystique® gel polishes with delivery today, and check out their quality yourself!

Gel polish: benefits

Mystique® gel polishes offer the following benefits:

  • They come in an ever-widening range of colours.
  • Nails are protected.
  • The coating does not peel off.
  • Perfect work with any base and top coats.

With our gel polishes, a master:

  • Feels comfortable.
  • Knows that the bottle will last for a long time.
  • Improves the quality of services.

Try the Mystique® gel polish, and you will immediately feel the difference! A smooth coating that does not spread to the cuticle, a comfortable brush, as well as rich colours. Contact our representative to place your first order at the official store.