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Mystique® gel polishe color card

Mystique® Online Store is inviting both certified manicure and pedicure masters and amateurs for partnership. We are offering a wide range of gel polishes, related products, accessories and work clothes.

The Mystique® gel polish palette is your reliable guide to the world of colour. You can use it to choose the right shades, measure the density of the coating and determine the compatibility of gel polishes with each other.

We only sell our own privately-manufactured products, and therefore can guarantee multi-stage quality control and fair pricing. Get your own gel polish colour palette directly from the Mystique® warehouse! It is now even easier to buy products that you need. Enter the number of units you wish to buy on our virtual shopping cart, and you will be offered the most convenient payment and delivery options.

Want to know more? Call our toll free line at +7 (930) 670-33-83 to talk to our operator.

We can deliver our Mystique® gel polish palette not only to our clients in Russia, but also to fans of our brand in Poland, Kazakhstan and Belarus. As we continue establishing strong partnerships with new partners and clients, our sales geography is ever expanding. Get expert advice and be informed of the nearest picking point for your orders.

Mystique® gel polish colour palette to order

Mystique® Online Store's official website is offering exclusive brand products available for retail and wholesale order. Get a clear visual representation of colours with the Mystique® Gel Polish colour palette! It is suitable for both home and professional use. it will be easier for the client to pick a design once presented with a colour map.

The Mystique® Gel Polish colour palette allows you to organise the tone, which is convenient if you have to constantly handle many various tools while working. Find out what shades your clients most prefer; you can also order them directly from our online store!

Benefits of the Mystique® Gel Polish color palette

The Mystique® Gel Polish colour palette has proven to be quite handy to nail professionals. It:

  • Holds up to 120 samples.
  • Is compact.
  • Allows you to use tips.
  • Ideal for ours base and top coat.
  • Is decorated simply but stylishly.
  • Provides for numbering.

The Mystique® Gel Polish colour palette allows to keep successful "frames" to enhance skills in the nail industry. Both beginners and already established professionals will benefit greatly from buying our colour palette.

The Mystique® Gel Polish colour palette is a popular product at sales. Stay tuned to be the first to know about discounts, promotional gifts and bonuses.